The Charities


Médecins Sans Frontières

Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders) are a humanitarian charity that provides medical assistance to countries affected by armed conflict, natural disasters and exclusion from healthcare.

We have chosen MSF as our main charity as the majority of the funds raised go directly to running their support projects. MSF are well known for their humanitarian medical work, but also provide long term care to millions of patients every year making a real difference to people’s lives all over the world. Purely funded by individual donations alone, we feel this is definitely a charity worth supporting.


Cool Earth

Cool earth is the official charity of the 2014 Mongol Rally. They work with people who have lived in the forest for generations and put them back in control.

Working with communities across the Amazon, the Congo Basin and Papua New Guinea, Cool Earth has already saved 330,000 acres of forest. Forest that lay directly in the path of chainsaws and bulldozers.

More importantly, this forest forms a shield to make millions of acres of next-door forest inaccessible to loggers – making it the most efficient and effective way to halt deforestation.

Thanks to our generous donors we have already raised a total of £3,296.75 for our charities! Please help us reach our target of £2500 by following the link below to donate. All money donated goes directly to our chosen charities. Thanks!

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