The Car


The staple activity of The British Holiday is the crossword. A stimulating mental challenge, perhaps, but it’s nothing like repairing an exclusively western European vehicle in the largely unpopulated mountain regions of northern Iraq. So instead of choosing a pretentiously robust 4×4 or a rally car that any 16 year old with a GCSE in art could repair, we chose a car that would more likely call upon our skills.

In its virgin voyage, our top of the line 1994 Rover 827Si Regency limousine broke down after a 100 mile straight drive along the pristine motorways of Hereford.

Requiring exquisite skill to negotiate any obstacle taller than its ground clearance (such as speed bumps, mildly irregular road surfaces and Coca Cola cans), the parallel parking abilities of 5 time Tetris world champion Boris Slotakarin and the 3 point-turn precision of a 600 lb sumo wrestler completing “Crystal Maze”, there is no vehicle more suitable to showcasing our driving virtuoso.

Moreover, when travelling over one third of the globe, comfort is of great importance. There is plenty of space to stretch your legs in this 20ft executive vehicle.

With one of the longest continuous histories in the motor industry, the Rover marque has always had a reputation for luxury without extravagance and style without ostentation. This history is continued in the Rover 827 which includes exclusively full-grain leather interiors and fully electric wing mirrors.

The rover 827’s top of class air conditioning system makes it the only practical choice for crossing the Gobi dessert. This paired with state of the art soft-air suspension will allow a smooth journey across potholes, river crossings and arid desert planes.

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